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    Changing/Merging Account


      I have an old(er) adobe ID under my s.witte@sendit.nodak.edu email address.  This email is going to be terminated in a year and my new email is shannay.witte@k12.nd.us  I am in the process of changing my sony reader to Kobo and I thought I should create an Adobe Editions account with my shannay.witte@k12.nd.us for the new software with the new email so I did.  However, now I realize that all of my previously purchased books are tied to the old account.

      I would like to change the login name/email of the OLD account to shannay.witte@k12.nd.us so that my new email is tied to all of my book purchases.  The newly created (empty) shannay.witte@k12.nd.us account will have to be deleted and then the old account needs to have the email address/username changed.

      I assume that takes someone with admin privileges.

      Thanks for any help!