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    Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure


      I received a PDF form which was created from Word and am making it fillable and adding Reader extensions. All of the form fields were added thru Acrobat X Pro. Then an additional edit came which required that I take the form into LiveCyle Designer ES2, which I did. I had to rework scripts but that was it. I went thru the structure and tagging, fixing everything line by line, then ran the accessibility checker and fixed a couple of small things. Saved, then tested reading order and it worked perfectly. 


      So today, I have additional changes and have edited this form in LiveCycle and saved again. Now when I rerun the accessibliity checker I am getting the error "Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure." 


      I read one discussion which said to take it back into Livecycle and resave and it should be fine.  Just tried that and still getting the error message.

      Another solution was to go back thru my form looking for duplicate form fields tagged as "FieldName - OBJR". Just did that and there are no duplicates.


      There seems to be very little online about this error message, so any help would be appreciated.  I have several more of these forms to work thru so I am trying to figure out why I am getting this error message so I don't repeat my mistake when I work thru the next forms.