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    Simple Form Script

      I am working with ( simpleForm_start.fla) I have this script typed in into the Actions laye frame 1 ...
      //Stops the playhead at frame 1
      //Adds conditional logic for the Submit button that validates user input
      this.submit_btn.onRelease = function(){
      if (url_txt.text == null || url_txt.text ==””){
      } else {
      getURL(" http://"+url_txt.text);

      and I am getting an error message of ....
      **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Actions, frame=1:Line 5: Operator '==' must be followed by an operand
      if (url_txt.text == null || url_txt.text ==””){

      Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1

      If anyone can see what i have wrong or is there a glitch in the help files
      thanks Mike