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    Check to see if radio button is selected, Where is Joel Pou's file?



      In this fourm  I found a very intersting post, see 




      Joel Pou gave here  a correct answer, and link to a project for downloading:




      But now, I can't download the file, because it is removed.  I have tried to duplicate the project, but it won't work......


      Anoyone who knows how to do this?   Here is what I get:


      var sporsmal=sym.$("sporsmal");

      sporsmal.html('<form><input type="radio" name="spm1" value="right" />London</br>'

      +'<input type="radio" name="spm1" value="wrong"/>Hamburg'






           if sym.$("sporsmal").value==right then

           alert ('you ae right');





      The change part works fine, if I replace the if tewst with a alert, I get an alert  but I'm not able to get the value