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    'Table of Contents' structure: the navigational and the within document

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      Here are screenshots of the example of how I would like to structure my Table of Contents for my ebook.


      screenshot1 is the .indd.  It shows the Table of Contents settings and paragraph styles used.

      screenshot2 is the .epub.  It is the result after export.


      In my actual .indd, I have been able to get the structure to look like the .epub screenshot.

      I want to have the nested - pop-down ability to save space.


      This is what is going on.

      In the .epub (ADE), if I click on  'chapter 1' in the Left Frame of the ebook Window,

      it just brings me to the same exact words within the context of the ebook - page 2.

      Page 2 of the ebook has this 'Table of Contents'.


      From there, (In my actual ebook), 'chapter 1' is a HYPERLINK.

      I must click THAT HYPERLINK to actually get to the desired location in the ebook.


      This means that I have to click 2x to get to the location.





      I am NOT totally clear about this.

      Does anyone feel that they have a great way to describe this.


      Objective 1:  click on 'chapter 1' from the left frame in the ebook and get to the desired location.

      Objective 2:  click on 'chapter 1' from within the content of the ebook and get to the desired location.


      That means, (from what I have read and watched) I am using a

      1. Navigational Table of Contents in the left frame.

      2. Standard Table of Contents from within the actual content of the ebook.