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    why is it so limited.


      I cant seem to have the free will to keep my Own image names..forced by photoshop to move each pictur and cant move folders ..Also cant access the pictures in photoshop using a file manger? which also would have given the option to keep the same name as i would not have had to use photoshop to transfer images ?!  WTF ! why are there so many little problems with moving files and folders.. cant you make it simple ?? for us and for ure self ..i think paying for an app which has so many little problem is not GOOD ... Change it, do somthing ..make it simple .let me just click a folder or image n save the **** to my gallery or USB and KEEP THE SAMe name also..is that against the law or something ..

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          You're probably coming across something that's a limitation of the file system the mobile OS is using. It's not exactly Adobe's fault as they have to work within that framework.


          I know that, on Android, I can move *certain* files around at will using a file manager but they have to be in the right location. (I can, of course, rename them as well but the same rule applies: They have to be where I can find them.)


          Also on Android, PS Touch saves any exported PS Touch projects to my "Pictures" folder (in its own "Adobe Photoshop Touch" labled subfolder).