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    I accidently ordered two subscriptions!

    Dancing Sky

      How am I able to cancel one subscription, without having to pay 50% of the remaining balance for the one year?  I accidently ordered two plans.


      Here's what happened:  my plan was going to run out, so I canceled it, it was just about the end of the year.  That was fine ...


      But then I decided I wanted to continue it, so I went in and started over, a new subscription. When I opened Illustrator, I have a message saying that something is wrong in my billling.


      When I look at my account, it's showing TWO active subscriptions for Illustrator.


      I am hard of hearing, and can NOT talk on the phone to the CS repts, as the foreign accent, with my bad hearing, does NOT work.


      What do I do ???  I certainly don't want to pay twice!


      Thanks ahead of time ...