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    After Effects help


      I made an image in Illustrator and then transferred it over to Photoshop so I could make layers for the video process in After Effects. I accidentally said to rasterize the Smart Objects, however, and now the image is pixelated when I zoom in with the camera. So I completely redid the layers in the same Photoshop document in order to see if it would just replace the images automatically since I used the same names for the layers. But it isn't recognizing anything I've done. Is there a way to get the new images to replace the rasterized images without losing all the work I've already done on the layers? Thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you rasterized or are using an image made from pixels and you scale over 100% or move the camera closer to a 3D layer than the zoom value you are scaling up and you will get what you are getting.


          Without seeing your project but going from my own experience I would not have brought the Illustrator file into Photoshop. I would have released to layers in AI and imported that as a comp.

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            SpyroShurtagul Level 1

            Yeah... I didn't think about the zooming when I first made it. Haha. But that's obviously what is going on wrong.


            I had tried earlier to import from Illustrator, but it wasn't allowing the layers to stay as they were, but rather grouped it into a single comp.


            However, this all being said, I just now fixed up the other layers in the video I haven't messed with yet so they should be fine... But the layers that I have made just the way I want, but they're pixelized... What should be done so I can change the image to the new one without losing all the work I've done?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              You know, you can make the layers right in the Illustrator document, and then you don't have to mess with Photoshop.

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                SpyroShurtagul Level 1

                Well... I had tried... But it didn't want to work... So I gave up on it. LOL!


                Still doesn't solve my problem though...

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You just have to put your elements in Illustrator on separate layers. That is a basic Illustrator skill.


                  You can also use release to layers and then drag all the new layers above the original layer. Again, a basic skill that will solve your problem if you import your .ai file as a composition retaining layer sizes.