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    What next steps should I take if subscription was canceled despite valid payment information?


      Please let me pay you, Adobe!


      I updated my credit card via phone with an Adobe representative 5 days before my CC subscription was set to expire and thought this thing had finally been put to rest! I was told to give it 24 hours to reflect changes but instead my CC membership was cancelled by Adobe on the expired date. I’m just not sure what happened.


      I estimate that I’ve spent about 8+ hours total simply trying to update my credit card information! I began the process weeks before my subscription was set to expire as my previous card was also expiring. I ran into errors on multiple machines, multiple browsers and saw from this forum that many others had as well.


      Well, I was finally able to get a call back from an Adobe rep who was very helpful and carefully took down my credit card information, even reading it back to me for verification. Then three days later…CC membership cancelled!


      Now, should I start a new membership? Can I get my old membership re-instated? I tried to honor my year-long commitment to Adobe multiple times. Adobe, I want to pay you - I have a valid card. I want to uphold my end of the bargain. Please, please let me pay you, Adobe! I can’t understand how you can create the world’s best software but your customer service to ensure that people can actually pay for and use it is so dismal.


      Please advise what next steps I should take. I’m going to try and reach someone via chat again.

      Can’t afford to spend more time on this but I have no choice. Thank you for whatever assistance you can give.

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          tuk_tuk Level 1

          Alright folks. Turns out the best thing was for me to start a new subsciption.


          I communicated with a helpful Adobe rep via chat that told me the best thing was to begin a new subscription. I have to admit I've been overwhelmed by the amazing software acessible in CC but very disappointed (suprised) with the enormous process of trying to update my payment information. Hopefully Adobe will get this sorted out soon. Major online companies like Amazon make digital billing, payment, and check-out a breeze. Updating your payment details should take about 30 seconds, not hours of skimming on-line forums, multiple chats, and phone calls. For the majority of CC users their time is billable and expensive. We can't afford to be spending a work day sorting things like this out.


          Adobe should pair great customer service and useability with their outstanding software. It just makes sense. Hopefull they'll get the kinks worked out soon. It'll be better for everyone involved.