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    ACR not synchronizing edits


      Hello to all - I'm moving a post from the general PS discussion over to ACR about synchronizations not working. Please see this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/6259863#6259863


      The basics are as follows:


      I'm  trying to make batch adjustments to images that have already been auto processed i.e. - when I initially open my images, I went through basic corrections such as lens profiles, auto exposure, auto colour etc. Then I would take the auto corrected files and make my fine tune adjustments. I would then attempt to paste those adjustments to a series of similar images. This does not work for a batch conversion and sometimes it would work for only one image.


      Upon further experimentation I have had success in batch synchronization - If I go back and re-select all my previously auto-adjusted images and change them back to camera raw defaults, I then select my single corrected reference image, and I can copy thoes adjustments and successfully apply those adjustments to the uncorrected images.


      So it appears that the synchronization only wants to work with images that have not ben previously adjusted.


      Is this a bug? or are there any suggestions on how to make the synchronization feature work all the time and every time.




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          Andrew_Hart Level 2

          Did the simplest test I could think of on my system – Win 7 ACR 8.3 – could not reproduce your anomalous behaviour.




          I used 2 .CR2 files from my Canon 5D2 (each taken with the same lens and same exposure settings only minutes apart) – applied lens corrections to each. Then upped the exposure on the 1st by I stop and synchronised that with the 2nd. Worked perfectly.




          Perhaps it only happens with numerous pre-existing edits on numerous files. What were your test conditions (number of files, number of pre-existing edits and number of additional edits you tried to synchronise)?


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            davstr Level 1

            I'd open a job, load everything into bridge, chose a series of images (20-30), select the first image, makes auto adjustments, and then synchronize ... no problem.

            With the first round of basic adjustments made, I would then go to blocks of images within that first edit that were shot under the same conditions, select the fist

            image in that series, make additional adjustments (maybe i'd turn off the auto colour or exposure, tweak contrast, highlights and shadows, and then with that image

            selected, I would further select the remaining images that I want to make those adjustments to, hit the synchro option and, while watching the sidebar of images, i would

            see the pencil selection highlight through the images, but no changes would occur. sometimes one image would be changed leaving the rest unchanged.


            I should also mention that I was previously able to make adjustments at will, no problem. And then one day this happened. I flushed the cache, manually removed the cache, reinstalled the software .... nothing worked. Only going back to the camera raw defaults allowed me to make synchronized edits.

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              Andrew_Hart Level 2

              Nope, sorry, still can't reproduce your problem - see my test below which emulates the conditions you have outlined.


              Just to clarify, in the first line of your post #12, you say that you load everything into Bridge - you mean, of course, ACR, don't you?


              I started with a folder of 27 .CR2 original, unedited, RAW files. Selected all, opened all in ACR 8.3

              Selected 1st file, applied Lens Profile Corrections and Sharpening (100), Luminance (50) and Color (50) Noise Corrections - 4 edits in all.

              Pressed Select All, then Synchronize and OK in the Synchronize dialog box. All 4 edits were applied to the remaining 26 files.

              Pressed "Done" in ACR and returned to Bridge.

              Selected 15 of the 27 (now edited) images in Bridge (1st 3, missed 3, next 3, missed 3 etc until the last 3 were also selected) and opened all 15 in ACR.

              Selected 1st image, applied further edits to it: Exposure -2 stops, Contrast +50, Highlights +50, Shadows +50, Clarity -50 : an additional 5 edits.

              Pressed Select All, then pressed Synchronize, ensured that only the boxes of Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows and Clarity were ticked, and pressed OK in the Synchronize dialog box.

              All 5 of the the additional edits were applied to the remaining 14 selected files.

              Pressed Done in ACR and returned to Bridge. All 5 additional edits were plainly visible and obvious in the 15 selected files as displayed in Bridge.

              Result: correct, and just as expected.


              Did your approach to synchronization differ in any way from the steps I have outlined?


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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I was able to reproduce this with two images, opened into ACR from Bridge, but I had to click Done after the first round of setting everything to Auto, then when I went back in, tweaked something obvious like Exposure +5.00 then tried selected everything and clicked Synchronize, choosing to have all but the last three checkboxes enabled, and clicking Ok.  I’d see a caution symbol flash on the second image, as if its settings had been changed, but the thumbnail didn’t and the Exposure wasn’t +5.00.  One time the Synchronize did work, so there may be something also related to whether the source image is selected by a mouse click or whether it is just the default source image when opening multiple images in ACR.

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                  Andrew_Hart Level 2

                  Well, Steve, I followed your test procedure (two images only et cetera) exactly, thinking that the application of initial Auto corrections may somehow be causing the problem - something I did not try in my first two tests, but could not reproduce the OP's behaviour.


                  My second image updated perfectly with the +5 Exposure edit. I also tried it both ways - letting ACR automatically choosing the first image on the 2nd edit exercise and myself mouse selecting the 2nd image. It made no difference. Still got a correct result.