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    The new flash player isn't working on Youtube.com


      This is driving me crazy! I have uninstalled this, uninstalled with the uninstaller, checked IE 11 settings, checked flash player settings, deleted cookies/history for it and to no avail It still won't work on Youtube.com. I listen to music there every day and I have about had it. I do not want to go back to restore my computer and wipe everything off. I don't know what else to do. I did take it back to a restore point and that didn't help. I did everything the tsing on here asked me to do. I even restored it to a prior state and that didn't work. I think this new version is lacking something. It did tell me I didn't have the plug in installed, so somehow I found that and installed it which is the same number and now it doesn't say that it says I have it and the picture of the tree shows up. I need some help here. I now youtube is going to start making us pay for some videos but I don't think it's all of them. Please, anyone help

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          Mike M Level 6

          Flash Player works just fine onYouTube.

          I have FlashPlayer installed on:
          Windows XP Professional Coroprate Edition (SP3 - 64bit)

          Windiows Vista Ultimate (SP2 64bit)

          Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1 64 bit)

          Windows 8 Enterprise (64 bit)

          Windows 8.1 Enterprise (64bit)

          Mac OS 10.6.8 Server

          Mac OS 10.7.5

          Mac OS 10.8.5

          Mac OS 10.9.2




          Internet Explorer 9, 10 &11

          Firefox 28

          Opera 20

          Safari 5, 6 & 7

          Chrome 33


          The ONLY one that gives me trouble is IE11.

          Know why?

          "User-Agent Strings"


          That doesn't mean a lot, I'm sure, but it's the root of your problems, and Flash Player has nothing to do with it.


          Microsoft "rewrote" the User-Agent Strings for the abomination they call their latest and greatest browser. User-Agent Strings are what websites use to identify the browser you're using and provide the proper content for it's browser engine, like ActiveX stuff, and Flash or HTML5 video. Thanks to the geniuses in Redmond, WA, the User-Agent Strings for IE11 (which has a Trident engine), ID it as either "Gecko" (Firefox) or "Webkit" (Chrome). Problem is: when the site the directs to the content for one of these two engines, the Trident engine in IE can't intepret it and the site then sees IE as an "unidentified" browser.

          The problem with an unidentified browser is that the plug-ins in that browser aren't recognized either, so even though you're up to date, it says you need the latest Flash Player when you use IE11. YouTube... has converted to HTML5 video so if it doesn't detect Flash Player, it can display HTML5 (MP4) video which requires no plug-in to play.

          Microsoft has no plans to "fix" the mess they've created because they think it's a great idea to block you out of the websites you visit.

          They recommend using "Compatibility View" and pretending that you're using an older verison of IE... Problem with that is that it's seen limited success, and you have to enable it for EVERY page that has problems... individually.

          I'm not big on "pretending" so I recommend actually using another browser.

          Firefox (from Mozilla)

          Opera (from Opera)

          Safari (from Apple)

          Chrome (from Google)

          ANY of those will work where IE11 won't, with the Flash Player Plug-in (For all other browsers), and Chrome doesn't even need that because it has its own Flash Player plugin built in.

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            kristi1247 Level 1

            Thank you. It just automatically started working again. And when It wasn't I tried Google Chrome and it had the same issue as IE 11. I don't know exactly what the deal is but I wish I would have never went with IE 11. It seems like I woke up one day and it was automatically updated to this version. I have Know idea as to what you were describing to me but it sounds like you are knowledgeable. In my opinion, I don't think flash player is automically built into chrome due to I went to the list of things turned on. The way it looked to me was everything installed on my hard drive came up in the list of things enabled or disabled. But that's just me. But still, when flash crashed or whatever it was, I couldn't get videos on chrome nor IE so their is definitely something wrong somewhere and I'm not sure if its the browsers or the product but to me it sounds like a little of both.