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    Corrupt InDesign file


      Overview:  I have several catalogues which have been made into a book, each catalogue is it's own chapter in the book.

      For no apparent reason one of the catalogues now crashes after a few moments and an error message "corrupt file" appears. There has been no previous problems with this catalogue and any amendments have all been using the same fonts and styles.


      When I restart the program a "font missing" message appears.  The problem font is Minion Pro. The program crashes prior to me being able to get to the effected areas to see if this will correct the problem.


      However I have all fonts in Suitcase Fusion which are opened prior to opening InDesign. All fonts work for the other catalogues without problem.


      I have also tried;

      Renaming using "Save As"

      Exporting" as idml

      Changing the file from iMac to Mac Book Pro running from an external HD


      Checked links = all OK


      Is there any advice from the community.


      Look foward to your reply/s.



      Mac Book Pro

      OSX 10.9.2

      2.66 Intel Core Duo

      4 Gb DDR3

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The first thing I would try is disabling Suitcase....

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            rharpur72 Level 1

            Thank you or the reply, I will give it a try and advise.

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              rharpur72 Level 1

              Hi again Peter, when you say disabling Suitcase I am assuming that you mean either deactivating the font or closing the program. I tried both - no change, same result.


              I have been going through the steps that took place to get into this position, all I can put it down to is a syncronisation I ran last week to correct the page count in the book. While going through the process a dialog box came back advising that there were fonts missing, I clicked "cancel" to correct the missing fonts but it ran the sync anyway, once completed a new dialogue box appeared advising that documents may have changed and default fonts had been substituted. (Minion Pro)  Minion Pro doesnt appear in any other part of the catalogue/s.


              There is only two fonts missing


              Minion Pro (Minion Pro is a default/substitute font on my system).


              Continuing on I had one of the other files open which returned the "Font missing" dialog box, the font required was the Mathematical font, I was able to select it  without  problem.


              I then opened the corrupted file and the Mathematical font didnt appear in the list.


              I have also uprgaded from 5.5 to CC, no change same message.  I have also sent emails to Extensis suppliers of Suitcase - no reply as it is the weekend in the US.


              Any additional information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                No, I mean opeing the Extension manager and deactivating or removing the Suitcase plugin.