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    Why doesn't installed Flash Player work?


      I'm trying to install Flash Player 12 onto a XP OS with IE-8 and WMP-11. The flash player help page says that Flash Player is installed and the clouds go drifting by but if you go on down the page and click on the help videos they say that Flash Player needs to be installed for the videos to work. This is a new and clean install for all three programs. This has been done three times starting with a new disk formating each time. AND WMP , IE and Flash Player have been reinstalled numerous times since with each being uninstalled first and using the uninstall program for Flash Player and uninstalling the file folders. Each time you get the same results; the flash player help site says Flash Player is installed and every time you try to play a video the video says you need to install Flash Player.  I don't know where to go from here. I hope someone has an answer.