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      I have recently calibrated my monitor. Everything looks good in photoshop, but when I use those photos in my publisher software to make a photobook the colors change dramatically. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm a photographer but not the best with computers!

      Thanks, Jackye

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Photoshop is a color managed program, while other software may not be.  When it comes to color issues I am over my head.  But generally if you have your image as sRGB that is best as most programs and web assume that is default. 


          A little search on web will bring up tons of information on PS and color management.

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What Curt said. Always convert to sRGB for use in any software that isn't color managed. I don't know what you mean by publisher software, but it probably isn't.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              I imagine Publisher is the MS Office page layout app.  I used it for some years before switching to InDesign.  It is Powerpoint that can really get into a tizzy with colours though. 

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                Jackye Level 1

                My publisher is a 'photo' company where you buy photo books or calendars. I tried the shutterfly company and the same thing happened with my pictures, and a few prints I ordered from Costco were awful as well. I did more than a little research on the web, and found it was contradictory and difficult to understand. All this happened once I calibrated the monitor so I'm not sure what to do now.

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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You don't happen to have a wide gamut monitor? Make and model?

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                    Jackye Level 1

                    No idea...it's an HP2511x

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                      D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      No, that's not it then. That's a standard gamut model.


                      I don't think you should expect accurate color from a "consumer" printing service like this. All you can do is convert the files to sRGB and hope for the best.


                      That said, it could well be that your calibrator produces bad profiles for some reason. If you then "correct" for that to make it look good on-screen, the file itself turns bad. Other than that the calibration has no direct effect on the file.


                      So - what calibrator? Do you set targets for white point, luminance and gamma, or do you just go with the defaults?


                      EDIT: The easiest way to test a calibrator is to set sRGB as default profile in Windows, instead of the one made by the calibrator. If you then see a significant difference (other than a slight shift in color balance), something's wrong. You do that in Control Panel > Color Management. Reboot when done:



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                        gator soup Level 4

                        here is your clue


                        open your image in Photoshop


                        View> Proof Setup: Monitor RGB (make sure you turn it back off)


                        that should duplicate the problem (both in un-managed apps on the monitor and at Costco printing)


                        the "fix" is to Edit> Convert to Profile: sRGB and Save a copy


                        you might want to set your Edit> Color Settings> Working> RGB to sRGB (because apparently you are currently using AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB, or you have a wide gamut monitor?)

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                          Jackye Level 1

                          I have just started using lightroom, and understand that the workspace isn't srgb. I'm not sure if my problem is from lightroom or calibrating the monitor. I appreciate your help and tried what you sugested above and it looked fine in PS but when I dragged the photo into the my publishing software it lost half of it's intensity. I don't have a wide gamut monitor according to twenty_one who asked me the same thing.

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                            Jackye Level 1

                            When I convert the files to srgb they look awful and need a total re-edit...not what I was hoping for after having spent 3 weeks editing a trip to Africa. I am thinking the other likely issue is having just started to use Lightroom. I guess I need to try and start from the beginning and get it set it up properly. Thanks for your help.

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                              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              lost half of it's intensity.


                              All right. Convert to sRGB in Photoshop (Edit > Convert to Profile). That's what we've been saying all along

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                                Jackye Level 1

                                That's what I did. It looked fine until I dragged it into the other software and it looked like a 50% layer...

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                                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I think it's time for a screenshot, preferably one showing PS and the publishing app side by side. Press "print screen", paste into a new Photoshop file, and post it here using the little camera icon:



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                                    Jackye Level 1

                                    Sorry...I'm not sure how to do that. I couldn't find a place that says print screen...just one that says share my screen. Is that the same?

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                                      NightSkyGuy Level 1

                                      By the way a REALLY good screen shot tool for windows is "Greenshot". It's free and easy to get, crop, annotate and post screenshots.  You can, for example, post to Imgur and share here using the "camera" button that twenty_one mentions.


                                      Faster and easier than Photoshop, too!