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    Big Cartel Custom Store




      I am interested in learning how to make a big cartel store for my website using 100% adobe edge animate.

      Nothing complex, just a page with items and a cart for checkout.


      I made my website all in Adobe Edge Animate, here it is: hxmegrxwn.com


      Please give any advice you can, thank you!

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi chriscadaver,


          You would have better chances of getting an answer if you spelt your expectations clearly on the kind of feedback you are expecting.  Another reason could be that your site doesn't open in Firefox or Chrome. Am not sure if the others are facing this problem too.




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            chriscadaver Level 1

            Thank you for replying Preran. You are right, maybe i was not too exact with my explanation.


            I happen to be using Firefox as my default browser and it also opens up on safari mobile iOS. http://www.hxmegrxwn.com


            I'm not sure if you are familiar with Big Cartel, but it is a store/cart platform that is very flexible. It comes with a lot of built in options for selling your goods online and also many page templates. I am interested in using its custom template which allows you to use custom CSS to build your own page. I was wondering if i could create something as simple as this example: http://store.happenclothing.com/ using Edge.


            I'm going for a very minimalist treatment (similar to my site) that features a white background with my goods aligned properly in rows and columns accompanied by a shopping cart at the top of the page.


            I hope that helped, thanks!