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    Reinstall Photoshop 8, Serial Number MIA


      I have had PhotoShop Elements 8 installed on my late 2009 MacBook for several years.  2 years ago I got 11, when I installed it, 8 didn't go away, but it didn't seem to cause any problems.  A few weeks ago I had a few things that were opening with 8 as the default.  Today I decided to uninstall.  The Uninstaller told me to deactivate it first, so I did, then I uninstalled it.  I then realized that it took away my Bridge program.  When I tried to reload it with my disk, it wants a serial number, which I don't have (I threw the box out long ago).  I tried to restore it from the Time Machine...it didn't work (I don't understand why) Chat support is no help...the program is too old.  Is there anyway I can find the serial number or is there a magic "master" serial number.  I really love Bridge but can't afford the programs that it is attached to now and am on a jetpack and can't afford data in the clouds...it has to be on my hard drive.