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    PE12 lose focus of current clip when preview stops

    SaschaN Level 1



      I am getting cracy with this issue!

      I placed a picture in a upper video timeline track ("Video 2") which I want to move arround on top of a clip (running on main timeline "Video 1"). So I create some keyframes for the upper clip, but every time I stop the preview (space bar) the clip I just worked on lost its focus, the clip on the main timeline "Video 1" is activ and the fx window is closed. After every preview I have to click on the upper clip, click on the fx window button and reopen every settings for the clip. That sucks!


      Is there any way to force that the focus stays on the current selected clip after the previes stops?


      Many thanks in advance


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The program will always default to Video 1 when you close the Applied Effects panel. There's nothing you can do to change that.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Based on your stated goals, why not keep away from the Edit area monitor playback button and/or the spacebar and focus on moving the Timeline Indicator across the Timeline to get your preview of Video 2 and the rest of the Timeline content? Movement can be done...

            a. with mouse cursor to move Timeline Indicator


            b. using an arrow key holding down the Shift key of the computer main keyboard to move the Timeline Indicator


            That way

            a. you get to preview your Video 2

            b. the Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded stays open

            c. and everything is right there for another go around with the adjustments if necessary


            Looking forward to your results.