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    Fuji xt1 vs. Canon 5d3 Adobe Standard profiles


      I was checking out the 5d3 vs. X-t1 sensor using the RAW files on dpreview and at high ISO (6400 I tested) the colour charts of the two cameras are quite significantly different. However, at ISO200 they were much, much closer.


      I understand that no two cameras will produce the same results, but I expected them to be closer. One of the red patches especially was miles out.


      Adobe - is this something you're aware of? Is it something you can take another look at? I'm looking to introduce a Fuji element to my wedding kit and I could really do with the colours coming out of LR to be closer than they look like they'll be with the Beta of ACR 8.4..... and I thought that was the idea with "Adobe Standard"?