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    E mail asking me to reset password

    phthalojohan Level 1

      Suddenly today I recieved an email on my adode ID e mail and my backup e mail with the following:

      Dear (my name),


        Click this link to reset your password.

      For security purposes, this link will expire 72 hours from the time it was sent. If you continue to have issues with your password, see Adobe ID FAQ for help.

      Thank you,
      The Adobe Team


      The e mail was from cs-auto@adobe.com, the front part of the link was https://adobeid.services.adobe.com.


      I had NOT reported my password lost (in fact I hadn't had to re-log in to CC on my computer for a while either):


      I totally didn't trust the letter to be legit (would have to be a total idiot TO trust it), although I did login to through the official adobe site and change my password there. I clicked the forgotten password link on the adobe account site there as a test though and the reset password e mail through THAT came from message@adobe.com instead, from the Adobe Creative Cloud team.



      Was wondering if the first e mail asking me to change my password was a fraud then?