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    Best app for creating interactive org chart


      I need to create an employee org chart (roughly 75-100 employees) that is interactive. Most software apps can only link the employee's cell to another cell in a different location, or a url to an external place. But I need for the cell, when clicked on, to provide a pop-up window/additional cell with additional employee details. For example, when clicking on "John Doe, Senior VP Marketing" within an org chart, I want a square/rectangular cell to display within the same org chart page (it can be in front of other cells that are not in use) that has additional bio information with the employee's picture. When the user clicks 'close' or clicks outside of this pop-up window, it disappears. Does anyone know how to go about this project? Most software apps I have researched are unable to provide this feature without outsourcing my whole project to a vendor.