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    optimize panel q

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      Often I will have a FW PNG with a "lib" of small assets for one of my sites.
      Each btn (lets say) with have a slice around it and I will set all the
      appropriate optimize settings (some will be jpg, some gif, some exact, some
      adaptive, etc...)

      When dealing with gif & png I will often want to set a different matte color
      for different slices. Problem is that the matte color doesnt seem to be
      remembered by the slice. In other words, I will change slice "a" to have a
      matte color of #fff; export it; play around with slice b and make its matte
      color #CF0; export it; come back the next day and make a change to the image
      under slice "a" (without changing anything in the optimize panel; export it;
      !!! now its matte color is #CF0

      I can easily go back in to the opt panel and change the color back, but why
      should I keep needing to?


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          abeall Level 3
          It is a bit irritating, but matte color is document level, not slice level. You set the matte color for the whole document.

          The only way to really work around this is create a background rectangle behind your assets to use as a background matte.