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    Undo/Redo Set Script Tag

    bob_baldwin Level 1

      We have a Flex-based CSEB extension (yes, port underway given elimination of Flex support in future versions) that performs a number of background operations on InDesign links and documents, i.e., relinking files, replacing files, tagging links and docs with private information, etc.


      Here's the problem: all the background actions we perform are dropped into a document's Undo queue and the user is confronted with a host of Undo/Redo Set Script Tag, Undo/Redo Relink, etc., actions that should not, in the workflow we're trying to enforce, ever be seen nor, more importantly, undone at all.


      Is there a way to programmatically suppress a document's capture of undo actions for tasks we don't want exposed to the user? A document's undo history is read only and the activeScriptUndoMode is JS specific. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with the issue.