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    Bullets & Numbering question

    Mike_zZ1 Level 1

      In the paragraph, Bullets & Numbering dialog box you have list type: Numbers and then List: drop down with default, List1, new list, etc. If you choose new list there are options for continue numbers across stories and from previous documents in book. You can also define lists from the type menu which also lets you load a list from another document. My question is what do these lists do? Changing the drop down from default to list 1 for example does not seem to change any of the settings options below in the dialog box and I cannot find a detailed explanation of the list function or numbering style options in the help, the visual quickstart guide that I have or online. Where can I find an in depth explanation of these feature, including the level? The Adobe documents don't seem as thorough as the manuals they printed years ago.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          They don't change the options, but it's useful to be able to define multiple different lists for different purposes in the same document or Book.


          For example, chapters might be one list, headings another, and you'd need yet another for lists in the body text. Using separate lists allows you to use different options for restarting, or for numbering style, or any other setting, for each type of situation.