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    Is it possible to get a temporary paid subscription to Photoshop after I've used the free trial?


      Hi guys,


      I'm an A Level Student currently studying Creative and Media. A large majority of my projects and coursework include using Photoshop, and at the moment I can only complete coursework at college. I'm finishing my qualifications in just over 6 weeks time and really need to be able to access the program at home, otherwise I'm wasting a lot of time. I can't really afford to subscribe for a year, and I understand that if you have a subscription for less than a month you can cancel it, otherwise you have to pay half of the full subscription price.


      I've had a few friends offer to install bootlegged versions on my computer but honesty is the best policy and I want to be legit. I really desperately need access to Photoshop and don't know what to do! Do I have any other options?


      Thank you in advance,