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    difference in relative paths for NetStream and MovieClipLoader

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      Hi all,

      I'm stuck on something I can't really believe is true. Can anyone verify
      this? (I really can't believe it ;)

      In short:
      I'm loading flvs and pngs into a movie. The flvs are loaded with the
      NetStream class, the pngs with the MoveClipLoader.
      The MovieClipLoader seems to want relative paths to the HTML the swf is
      in and the NetStream seems to need relative paths to the swf.
      Either one I can be defended, but _both_?

      More alaborate:
      I have a movie which is fed a filename using flashvars:


      In the directory video are three files:
      * a video in thumbnail version
      * a video in full version
      * a png thumbnail of the video

      AS appends the proper extensions to the filename retrieved from the
      flashvars and feeds the result to NetStream and MovieClipLoader.

      The swf displays a still thumbnail (png), once the mouse moves over it,
      it plays the small video and when clicked it plays the large video

      Now I use the Flashvars to not have to make a ton of swf files and to
      have them used throughout a whole site, but it doesn't go down well once
      the SWF is places at different locations in the website (and has
      different relative paths to the video directory etc.)

      I thought I was smart using the flashvars with a single argument, but it
      seems to require two. Not a lot of work but so annoying ;)