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    Not getting correct signing options with Reader XI

    WingZombie Level 1

      I orignally asked this question in the Reader forum and it was suggested that I ask it over here. The problem may be related to reader settings or something that I'm unfamiliar with.




      I've been beating up this problem for a while.


      Created a form using Acrobat Pro XI and added two signature fields. The intent is to use this to have a customer sign a workorder with a stylus and a touch screen PC carried by my employee. I need the "place a signature" option.


      Problem: I get different options on two different computers. The one with Pro and the Reader installed gives the the options I want. The one with just the Reader installed only gives me "Work with Certificates" signing option.


      • The form is saved "Reader Extended" and it doesn't matter, I still don't get the options to "place a signature" if I save it with the "reader extended" options or not.
      • If I set it up as an EchoSign enabled form, I get the exact same results.


      Here is a screen shot of the options from the computer with just the reader installed. You can see I have no signing options aside from the "Work with Certificates" options.




      Here is a screen shot from the other computer that has both the reader and acrobat pro installed. It gives me the ability to palce a signature.



      Here is a sample form.


      Thanks for any help and guidance you have.