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    premiere éléments 12 sur pc


      mon programme ne fontionne pas  comment faire pour le faire fontionner apres avoir entrer le numero de série  il me demande toujours de me commecter  a internet pour enregister adobe premiere elements 12 alors que je suis connecter mais ca ne marche pas quoi en ce moment ?

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          I will be back to your thread and question soon. For now, please do not duplicate your thread. At this point, you have at least of duplicate. Duplicate threads are confusing to the person asking the question as well as to those trying to answer the question.


          The other thread will be deleted or closed by one of the moderators.


          This is not Adobe. Just user to user where we all try to help as soon as possible. But we are all visitors on unscheduled basis.




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            1. Checking the hosts file.

            Please refer to the following Adobe document.


            That Adobe document does not specifically mention Premiere Elements, but it is often pointed to by Adobe Staff when your type of problem occurs.

            Main idea is to check the host file to determine if there are entries in it beyond the default host file Notepad document page.


            Local Disc C





            and in the etc Folder is the hosts file which you right click, select Notepad, and open the Notepad document which should look like this



            Look for anything entered into the hosts file beyond the line which read #  ::1   localhost.


            2. If that does not give answers, then we look at renaming the SLStore Folder and SLCache Folder as described by GautamBahl (Adobe Staff)

            in the following thread.



            If all else fails, then you might want to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat to discuss Serial Number Issues or Activating My Product.

            After you open the following link, click on the statement of "Still Need Help? Contact Us." to bring up the Adobe Chat to discuss the topic mentioned.

            http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=serial-number-issues-o r-activating-my-product


            Please let us know the outcome.


            Thank you.