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    Adding extended rights to third party PDF document & licence

    Oelze Level 1

      Hi dear support team,


      We have the following workflow that should be supported:


      1. Person A generates a PDF document within our java application (third party library). The document should contain the editable fields. Some of them are filled with our application.

      2. Person A sends the generated document to person B, who fills in the required fields, saves it and sends back to person A.

      3. Person A loads the filled document back to our application (optional).


      There will be about 0-5 such documents every day.


      We have the following questions:


      1. PDF document should contain the reader extentions so that person B could save it. What product do you recommend in order to add the extended rights to the third-party PDF document within the java aplication?

      2. What licence is suitable in our case? (We already have Acrobat Licence)

      3. What costs we'll face?


      Thank you very much in advance for your answer.