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    Headers and Footers

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      How does a screen reader read text found in headers and footers?


      I create training materials and include our support hotline phone number in the header. I want to ensure that that information is accessible; however, when running the document through the JAWS screen reader it didn't read the text.  How can I make sure it does?


      Thanks so much, Mar

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          Hi Mar,


          As a general rule in a tagged PDF the headers and footers are tagged as background artifacts, which tells AT to ignore them (i.e. they are not read). This is to avoid interrupting the reading flow, such as when a paragraph is split across two pages, you would not want the footer and header to be read in the middle of the paragraph. If the header and footer include information of value to the reader, I will usually tag the header on the first page and the footer on the last page so they are read without interupting the flow. You could do this on other pages as well, if it makes sense when read.


          Hope this helps.


          a 'C' student

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            Thank you. I will give this a try.  Mar