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    Text animator

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      Hi all


      Probably a very obvious answer to this but I can't seem to work it out!


      When I'm adding a text animator, a lot of the time it will bring up some of the animation I've asked before I want it to come on. This happens with various animators but the one I'm currently working with is scale.

      Here's a screen grab.


      Comp 1 (0-00-08-16).jpgCapture.PNG

      I'm scaling my text up, and want it to scale entirely each letter at a time, you can see it's starting to just go along the whole word. I am using animators per character. My offset for this is also set to 36 percent.


      I just don't know enough about text animators per character to understand how to get it to animate on an entire character before it moves onto the next. Moving the start and end brackets is how I've done it before but it doesn't seem to work with this.


      I've tried fiddling with the easing, shape and amount and none of it makes it work as I'd like.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!