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    How to get XML data from a PDF form in .NET?




      I know this may not be a proper question in this forum, but it is a PDF form related issue. I need some help in solving my problem in the following scenario:


      I have a web app processing PDF files. I have PDF fillable forms generated by Lifecycle. User downloads it from my web app, fills out it and sends it back via my web app (upload). I need to parse the form to XML file, then my existing web service will process XML files and save it to database. Previous we used an Email Submit Button and user sent us the XML by email so there was no issue, but now the user just sends us PDF file.


      So I am looking for a way to get an XML file from PDF file in .NET (C#), just like Email Submit does. First I need know what is the best way to achieve it. Then I need some sample code for it.



      Your help is greatly appreciated.