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    Footage for rig removal


      Hi everyone

      I searched for this all over the place and cant find any that are free.

      I am a compositing student and I want to practice rig/wire removal.


      I am looking for some footage or multiple pieces that I can use only a few seconds long will do so that I can use to practice and use in my reel.

      I will be sure to give full credits to whoever provides it  but if anyone has some footage or knows where I can get some not too expensive I would appreciate it.


      I would film some myself but I do not have nor can I afford the equipment to do so.

      Please message me at catarinamaiagoncalves@hotmail.com if you have some or know where I could get some footage, please title the e-mail rig removal footage. Frame rate does not matter, would prefer 1080p but 720 is fine to.


      Thanks a lot guys