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    What should I upgrade first for better performance


      My Computer Specs


      asus am3+ motherboard


      amd phenom 2 x6 1100t six core processor @ 4.0ghx


      Nvidia gtx 580 1.5gb vram


      8gb ddr3 hyper x blu kingston


      1tb hdd




      I would like to render videos a lot faster.


      For my next upgrade I only want to spend $200 new or used





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          bogiesan Level 4

          Working in After Effects efficiently and enjoying it is not just dependent on the rendering speed of your computer. Enjoying working in After Effects is planning your work to get the most out of your existing system's abilities without too much frustration. Work at resolutions, in color spaces and frame rates adequate to the task of editing and creating. After your designs and rough cuts are approved, you advance to working in the release medium.


          In a commercial setting,  if you have the machines and IT support to keep it running, the work of full rez output can be offloaded to a render farm. At home, you learn to use what you have until you can figure out a way to pay for new hardware. However, in the many years I have been using After Effects, advances in hardware do not necessarily mean improvements in rendering speeds. My huge new Macintosh only gives me a slight improvement in rendering. The vast oceans of RAM and fast SSD will allow creative experimentation, once I figure it all out and relearn my long-established workflows, but it's going to take Adobe some time to figure out how to take advantage of PC and Mac hardare advances.

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            WHG519 Level 1

            Awesome thanks a lot for responding!