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    Need a script to make layers from alpha channels

    Chris Panny Level 1



      I author interior room scenes with Scene7 Image Authoring Tool. In my S7 image document, I have to make a lot of individual  masks to define transparent regions that will, at a later point, render products, such as flooring, tiles, paint or carpet. The masks are all named descriptively, such as floor, counter, wall, etc. I then have to export the image as a Photoshop document. At this point my PS doc can have anywhere from 5-15 alpha channels.


      I'd like to have a script that would do the following in PS:


      1. Make a new layer for each alpha channel; for example: if there are 5 a.c., then I need 5 new layers.

      2. Fill the layer with 65% gray.

      3. I need each a.c. to get applied to each layer as a mask.

      4. Take the name of the a.c. and apply it to the layer. example: if an a.c. is called Floor, then I need the layer to be called Floor, etc.


      If anyone has an idea on how to do this, I would be grateful. Right now I have to do this manually so it would be very helpful to automate this process.