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    cfloop error

      Ive never used cfloop like this before i followed advice from another member of this forum and got this error.
      This is an edit function with a drop down. if the user selects Acid and then edits it the menu reverts to the first thing in the list not the one they had previously selected.

      The error:

      Complex object types cannot be converted to simple values.
      The expression has requested a variable or an intermediate expression result as a simple value, however, the result cannot be converted to a simple value. Simple values are strings, numbers, boolean values, and date/time values. Queries, arrays, and COM objects are examples of complex values.
      The most likely cause of the error is that you are trying to use a complex value as a simple one. For example, you might be trying to use a query variable in a <CFIF> tag. This was possible in ColdFusion 2.0 but creates an error in later versions.

      The Code

      The drop down menu query
      <cfinvoke component="0-waste.sitewisecfc.getcategory"
      method="getCategory" returnvariable="qry_getCategory">

      <cfquery name="GetPollutant" datasource="#db#">
      SELECT *
      FROM tblPollutant
      WHERE StoryID = #StoryID# AND EBID = #EBID#

      <select name="EBCategory">
      <cfloop query="qry_getCategory">
      <option value="#industry_id#" <cfif #Getpollutant.EBCategory# EQ #qry_getCategory#>

      Any ideas?