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    PDF conversion with PDF2ID; Hypertext not working when exported back to pdf.


      I have done a PDF conversion with PDF2ID, however Hypertext is not working when I exported it back to pdf. I am using the PDF2ID plug-in program to redo all the product booklets for our company as the hypertext did not work when downloaded to any smart phone. All that appeared were blank placeholders in each booklet index page.


      According to the PDF2ID people the program plug-in recovers all URLs static and dynamic and bookmarks and local links and suggested I check with Adobe ID5 for help, but Adobe says my $1,000 ID5 is no longer supported and that I should go to the forums.....so here I am.


      This is the first time I've even opened my ID5, so I'm a bit lost. Now I need to improve the quality of the PDFs, as we also need to convert all images to TIFF-CMYK in order to have the booklets printed & bound professionally. they tell me ID can do that.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.