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    I would like to have a dynamic set of forms


      In a top level form, a few selections in the form would determine the subesquent form to be opened.  This process is desired to repeat unitl an end point.


      for example; in the top level form the question is " who is your sales rep?"  if the answer is Todd, then open todd's form.  If the answer is Jeff, then open Jeff's form.   For this discussion, the user answers Jeff, then is directed to Jeff's form, which asks "what state is the sale occuring?", the answer would then open a form specific to that state.  And so on.


      Secondly, is there a method of embedding any intelligence into the form.  Along the lines of building a parts list, based on the answers given throughout the series of forms.

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          The only feature in FormsCentral that could fit your needs would be the "Show/Hide" logic.  You can create a group of fields and then set up Show (or Hide) logic for the fields based on answers to other field/s.  It would not redirect to new forms, but would expose the right additional questions based on answers selected.  There is also Page Logic you can define on a page break to go directly to a specific page based on answers.


          Additionally you could expose (Show) a link to another form as well, you can always insert a link to another FormsCentral form using the Link tool.  The responses would not be connected in any way if the user submits multiple forms, but you can add links.