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    Down Level Stage disables other JQuery page elements


      I have create a small Edge Animate animation that I'm trying to add to our home page. After getting everything running and working properly in IE9+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari I moved it from the development environment to our live site. Then I viewed it on an older machine running IE8 and the down level stage worked great, but it disabled a jquery image slider and a little custom jquery script I wrote to polite load an embedded youtube video. The only  cusomization I did to the edge files was to remove the loader for the included version of JQuery so that it would run the on I call from Google instead. This prevent intial conflicts between already existing jquery elements on the page.


      If anyone can help me figure out how to prevent this problem with the down level stage I'd appreciate it.

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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          When Aniamte loads downlevel stage it just loads the image.It does not even download the jquery and other script files.

          So i am not sure how this might affect the slider.See if the slider works without animate content.

          If its a porblem only after inclusing animate content can you mail/PM me your files?

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            cdcgraphics Level 1

            I understand what you're saying. I actually had to disable the loader that loads jquery in the edgePreload.js in favor of calling the same version from the google developer library. So that shouldn't effect it. I'm just wondering if there isn't something in the edgePreload.js that causes an overall shut down of any running JQuery.


            To answer your question everything does work fine without animate content. It is only a probelm after in including animate content. I can't really send you all the files since it's work related, but aside from deleting the line that loads the JQuery in the edgePreload.js it's the same as the default. The slider we use is woothemes Flexslider in a standard implementation.