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    Single color .ai logo imports as 4 process colors

    kellisswan Level 1

      Hoping there is a prepress person out there who can help with this one:


      There is probably a simple answer here, but for the life of me I can't find it.  I've consulted 3 other graphic designers, who are also stumped.


      I have a single color logo (spot color) that was created in Illustrator.  (This is for a 2-color job.)  Once imported into InDesign this logo causes the InDesign file to package as "4 Process colors and 1 Spot color." 


      I've taken the logo apart, and found that if I save it as just a color box for example, it packages from InDesign correctly. However, if I add white type or vectors on the color box, then the logo imports as process + spot.  So - it is the "white color" that is causing InDesign to package the file with process plates, even though white is not a color in this case.


      This is so danged simple that I feel silly for asking.  Surely others have encountered this?!  What am I missing?  The logo supplied to me has a spot color background with white type & vectors over it.  So far the only solution I've found is a workaround of opening the file in Photoshop and then saving it as a grayscale so it can be colorized with the spot color in InDesign.  geezzz.


      Thanks in advance for any help!