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    editing Save for Web output settings with script


      I'm just curious if it is possible to edit the Save for Web Output Settings in a script (Not the save for web options, but the "Edit Output Settings" in the drop down menu). I figured it would be somewhere under the .options, but I'm not finding anything.

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          pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can find examples here in forum.


          Here is one by Paul Riggott:


          Paul Riggott wrote:


          Here you are...



          function main(){
          if(!documents.length) return;
          var Name = app.activeDocument.name.replace(/\.[^\.]+$/, ''); 
          var saveFile = File(Folder.desktop + "/" + Name + ".jpg");
             if(!confirm("Overwrite existing document?")) return;
          SaveForWeb(saveFile,100); //change to 60 for 60%
          function SaveForWeb(saveFile,jpegQuality) {
          var sfwOptions = new ExportOptionsSaveForWeb(); 
             sfwOptions.format = SaveDocumentType.JPEG; 
             sfwOptions.includeProfile = false; 
             sfwOptions.interlaced = 0; 
             sfwOptions.optimized = true; 
             sfwOptions.quality = jpegQuality; //0-100 
          activeDocument.exportDocument(saveFile, ExportType.SAVEFORWEB, sfwOptions);


          Have fun


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            wyf51999 Level 1

            That's great!

            Is it possible to add 2 more things in this code?

            1, transform to sRGB

            2, original folder