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    Package function hangs - font issue?


      I have a problem when I use the "package" function in InDesign. I'm using InDesign CS5.5, v.7.5 on a Mac - system 10.6.8.


      It seems whenever I use a single Helv Neue font (not the system font), I don't have a problem. When I use three or more in the same Helv Neue family or a different Helv Neue family, I get the "hang" when packaging my files for the printer. Package progress bar stops at about 75% done. And I see the typical "InDesign (not responding)" message when I hit the escape key. Fortunately, I haven't lost any ID files yet. The upside is that during the packaging process, I seem to collect all my fonts and links for a job. I just have to go through restarting InDesign and fiddling around with  files that can be saved. (I always back up my work files!)


      I use Apple's Font Book to manage my fonts and I have made sure all duplicate fonts are disabled, especially if they use the same font name as a Mac system font.


      My history with ID packaging has been very consistent - no probems, but I haven't been using these fonts as much until this current project in which I'm using a total of 5 Helv Neue fonts. That is why I  suspect they may be the culprit. I also should add, when creating the package folder, I tested the Package function by unchecking the box for "Copy fonts (except CJK), and had no hang problems.....but I also didn't collect the fonts.


      1) Is there anything that can be done if Helv Neue is the problem, besides eliminating it from the design (which I don't want to do)?

      2) Anyway to test a possible bad image link  (unrelated to fonts) except to painfully go through removing all photo files and adding each one back one by one to see if this might be the problem?