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    Cannot get Multiple Records to show up on One Single Page?


      I've been looking at youtube videos and checking out the forums, but i cannot figure this out. When i go to New, i've Tried " Facing Pages " and " Primary Text Frame " checked, but it makes no difference. I want to have a single page layout include all the information from several lines within excel. From what i've gathered the I'm supposed to make sure there is enough room to the right side of the text boxes, then select a data source, go to  " Create Merged Document " go to the " Multiple Record Layout " Tab, i make sure to select " All Records ", but whenever i go to Preview, or i press OK to start the process, i get 4 seperate pages, instead of text side by side, i've tried messing with the margins, they are at 0. I'm practically pulling my hair out trying to figure it out at this point, I just want everything on one page. Any Inputs are SUPER-appreciated, I've included a picture of what i am dealing with, hopefully it helps.


      I just want the text fields to appear in the columns to the right.