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    hitData and yField property access

      Can anyone point me in the direction as to how to access the yField & displayName string value?

      I'm looking to access this value within a hitdata function to re-format the datatips display for multiple lineseries objects?

      public function ftFunc(hd:HitData):String {
      var poc:String = hd.item.poc;
      return "<b>" + displayNameValue + "<br>" + poc + " </b>Point of Call" + "<br><b>" +
      yFieldValue + " </b>Feet Off Rail";

      The rub is that each Lineseries yField employs a uniquely named dataprovider or else I could probably just use the dataprovider value...

      <mx:LineChart id="offRailChart"
      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="poc"/>
      <mx:LineSeries id="win" yField="winOR" displayName="{winName}"/>
      <mx:LineSeries id="place" yField="placeOR" displayName="{placeName}"/>
      <mx:LineSeries id="show" yField="showOR" displayName="{showName}"/>

      Thanks for any support...