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    creationComplete not recognizing Flashvars before triggering webservice

      This post is based on the problem happening on this page: http://realestate-websites.com/demo/sco/listingdetails.cfm?ListingID=117&Type=residential

      I have a flex application on the page above that is reading in the listingID URL variable. There is a webservice call on the creationComplete attribute of mx:Application that calls a cfc to get the listing details for the property. i can also see that the listingID Flashvar is being recognized because I am writing it out to the screen.

      The problem is that the webservice seems to be firing before it recognizes that the Flashvar exists. I am passing in {Application.application.parameters.ListingID} into the webservice definition. When I do this it errors out. When I hard code the value in instead it works great.

      Does anyone know of a solution for this? I was thinking of having creationComplete call a function with a built in delay and webservice call, rather than triggering the service directly, but I have no idea how to code out the delay.