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    InDesign Probz

    trevdolan Level 1

      Okay. So I'm super new to InDesign, and I'm trying to divide a bunch of text between four consecutive pages. What's a quick way for me to do that? Thanks!

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          Migintosh Level 4

          A text frame has a handle on each of the four corners and the four sides (8 in all) and another thing that looks like a handle just above the lower right corner. That last thing is the out port. If you click it, you can link the text frame to another by either clicking into an existing frame or by clicking and dragging to create a new frame.


          You would do yourself a favor by getting Sandee Cohen's book on InDesign. Here's a link to the CS6 version, but I imagine she might have an edition for which ever version you are using. You might also check out Lynda.com for video tutorials.

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            trevdolan Level 1

            'Preciate it!