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    Merging Panoramic - Auto Allign Error

    Salieri1627 Level 1

      Iam having problems with photoshop CC installed on my Notebook


      Notenbook is riunning Windows 8.1, 8gb RAM




      When attempting to merge 16 bit tiff files in Photoshop CC into a Panoramic image file ,  I receive an error message that the filese were unable to be auto alligned.


      I take the same images and run through them through Photoshop CC on my desktop PC and perform the same procedure of merging and get no error mesaages and the merge is successful.


      The Desktop is running Windows 7 and 8gb RAM


      Help ?

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          gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Salien627,


          First off, I'm a Mac guy so if there's any hardward issue here, I probably can't help, but I can make some guesses. When I first read your question, I was wondering how much RAM was in the machines, but it appears that that's the same. The 2nd issue is what are your video cards. PS now puts a lot of their processing into the video cards to speed things up and take some of the effort off of your microprocessor. The quick way to test this would be to look into your Preferences -> performance on your laptop and on the right side it will show "Graphics Processor Settings." If the "Use Graphics Processor" option is checked, that's probably good enough. (You may want to click on the "Advanced Settings" option and see if anything is unchecked by default, and grayed out.) If this is the case, this may be the problem. If it's unchecked, that means your processor is not good enough and/or it doesn't have enough VRAM. (Nowadays consider 512 the minimum.)


          Otherwise, assuming that your panorama is more than two images, try doing them one at a time. See if that works.


          The one thing you do have going for you is that it's much easier to get 3rd party video cards for PCs than Macs. We have a pretty dreadful time on that issue.


          Good luck