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    Some Kind Of Funny Problem

    Chenboonping Level 1

      My fottage are very shaky....I'm using AfterFX Warp Stabilizer to Stabilize my fottage....But there are one problem in it


      After,I Stabilize My fottage...i've found a lot of WARP appears behind my fottage....(I'm kinda ANGRY with it)

      After i do some reasearch...I finally found a tutorial concern about this....^^

      You guys can check it out...



      But,There are still Some Warp..I don't really like it


      Can Anyone tell me What should i Do???

      I really need help....


      I really hope there are some kind of PLUGINS that solve this problem

      And that's PLUGINS are free......

      Or AfterFX originnally have it....


      I really appreciate it....

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          without actualyl seeing your footage and settings nobody can advise. This could be all sorts of issues from "swimming" block artifacts in compressed footage to actual secondary warping iuntroduced by your processing... That aside, not everything can be fixed if it has been shot the wrong way and you should get used to that.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can't expect success by just grabbing a camera, running around with it, and fixing everything in post. The type of camera, the frame rate, the amount of rolling shutter problems, the movement in the frame all effect the ability of any stabilizing system to stabilize the footage. There are limits. You can't fix everything, but you can improve most things.


            This is an example of planning... Watch the entire video and you'll see how a professional plans, tests, then shoots a shot and fixes it in post. Making a successful shot is not a magic button you can push in post, It's a process.



            You should also watch the finished product. There is a link on YouTube.