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    Working with XMl

      I am trying to create a search of a mySQL database using flash as the front end and PHP as the business logic. The search term is entered into a text input field, that term is sent back in XML form via a LoadVars.sendAndLoad. I can specify a target, but thats the end of it. I can trace it and it works, so I know its getting back to me.

      What I'm having trouble with is using the returned XML data and displaying it in a datagrid component. Do I return it in a new XML object, do I have to parse it, do I have to loop it and put it into an array. dataProvider, addelements, Aaargh! I'm totally lost. I dont know how to use any of these statements.

      Here is what I have so far...

      var searchResultsXML:XML = new XML ();
      searchResultsXML.onData = function (str) {

      var searchEngine:Object = new Object ();
      searchEngine.click = function ()
      var searchTerm:LoadVars = new LoadVars ();
      searchTerm.term = searchField_txt.text;
      searchTerm.sendAndLoad("URL to php script", searchResultsXML, "POST");
      searchButton.addEventListener("click", searchEngine);

      Here is the trace results....

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <name>SEARS AUTO CENTER 2969</name>

      Any help would be great!