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    how to wrap text inside circular path


      I am using Photoshop CS5. I want to insert text inside a circular object - for example to print circular labels containing horizontal text inside. I have read tonns of advice on internet telling me how to make a circular object or path and how to select text tool and hover over teh path until the cursor turns into I-beam with dotted circle aroudn it. The problem is my cursor NEVER turns into this I-beam with dotted circle aroudn it. If i hover over the edge of the path i created it sometimes turns into a I-beam with a dotted wavy line through it, which allows me to type circular text that follows the outline of the circular shape. But this is not what i want, i want to type horizontal text inside circular shape that conforms to the shape. Buy no matter where or how i hover teh cursor, having selected text tool, it is either a normal cursor so typing goes over my shape, or it turns into this wavy line for circular text. Please can someone help me to work out how to make this happen?


      For example I found this instruction from http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/photoshop/qt/cstextonapath.htm:

      If you have created a closed shape, you can also have your type wrap inside the shape to conform to its path. The process is essentially the same as creating type on a path but instead of clicking the cursor on the outside of the path, you will move the cursor inside the path and click when it changes to an I-beam with a dotted circle around it.


      Essentially that is what i want, but i cannot get the right I-beam.


      What is going wrong?