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    Keeping a Displacement Map in the Same Place

    Rothrock Level 5
      So I have a clip that has children clips inside it. The children can be drug and moved around the stage.

      I'm applying a DisplacementMapFilter to the parent clip to make it flutter/wave and of course the children clips also flutter and wave – which is the behaviour I want.

      The trick is that if you drag one of the children to the left/top of the parent clip then the upper left corner of the parent clip changes and the displacement map starts moving off.

      Is there an easy way to say, "I would like this displacement map to always apply to point 0,0"?

      new DisplacementMapFilter(bmpPerlin, new Point(0,0), 1, 2, scale, scale, "color")

      Here is my current constructor. The problem is with the Point. What property is the DisplaceMentMapFilter reading anyways to get upper left corner? I could do some kind of getBounds and then if it becomes less than the original change that. But that seems awfully complicated and will require a lot of record keeping.

      It seems a step back to me that displacement maps are measured from the upper left corner of a clip and not some stationary point. Doesn't it?